MEGA manual

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
version 1.01

Sudhir Kumar, Koichiro Tamura and Masatoshi Nei

MEGA is distributed with a nominal fee to defray the cost of producing the user manual , the diskette(s), and the mailing and handling expenses (see order form). However, for anyone who is unable to pay the fee for some reason (e.g., lack of hard currencies in some countries), it will be provided free of charge after receiving a letter of explanation. MEGA will not be sent by electronic-mail because the accompanying manual cannot be included in this case. To obtain an order form, contact Joyce White or the authors at the address given below.

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Copyright (c) 1993 Sudhir Kumar, Koichiro Tamura, and Masatoshi Nei
The Pennsylvania State University
All rights reserved
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Sudhir Kumar, Koichiro Tamura, and Masatoshi Nei. 1993. MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis, version 1.01. The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802.

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